You’d have to be nuts to leave your flags unprotected.

If you’ve never had golf flags pilfered from their sticks, consider yourself lucky. It’s not just the work of vandals or bored teenagers, either. Golfers, those paragons of law and order, have been known to take a trophy after a tournament victory, hole-in-one or lesser accomplishment – their first par, for example, or a random chip-in.

Lock Nut for Golf Course FlagNow, before you go posting armed guards on every green, consider an easier (and cheaper) solution: Bayco Golf’s Flag Security Nut.

Simply screw the nut onto the threaded bushing of any regular flag pole, tighten it down and presto – a theft-proof flag. (Fact is, few thieves want a flag badly enough to bring a wrench for the job.) The Flag Security Nut is super-thin, so you can fit an acorn nut on top of it for added protection.

Of course, burglars aren’t the only threat to your flags. Left unsecured, flags can blow away in high winds or fall off when the stick is removed. That means all the flags on your golf course – not just those coveted by bandits, like the par 3s or the 18th hole – are vulnerable. Bayco Golf’s Flag Security Nuts are sold in packages of nine to cover a full course with a couple of bags.

You might wonder why Bayco Golf would bother offering such a tiny, unassuming item. Let’s just say we’re nuts about flag security.

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Smoking may be verboten inside the clubhouse, but anything goes outside those doors. Since smokers have been known, on occasion, to stamp out their cigarettes and leave the butts lying where they fall, that means litter on your lawn, patio, and other high-traffic areas.

Even smokers would agree that scattered cigarette nubs and hunks of half-chewed cigars are unsightly and unbecoming of a first-class establishment. What’s worse, the tiny cinders can create a fire hazard, especially when the weather is dry and windy.

Ashtray for Golf CoursesAs usual, Bayco Golf’s got the perfect solution: the Portable Cease-Fire Receptacle.

Basically, it’s a self-extinguishing outdoor ashtray with a 4-gallon bin. Made specifically for cigarettes from sturdy, flame-retardant plastic, the receptacle won’t dent or crack, and it certainly won’t rust. Neither rain nor large pieces of trash – bottles or cans, for example – can slip through its small, covered opening.

When the Cease-Fire Receptacle is full, just remove the lid and dump out the galvanized steel bin. You can also order disposable liners to fit inside. Oh, and don’t worry about flying ashes and butts when nasty weather sets in – tie-down notches make the Cease-Fire Receptacle stable and secure. It’s also easy to move from one spot to another as needed.

We’ve got Cease-Fire Receptacles in adobe beige and pewter grey, so they blend nicely with most exterior clubhouse environments. Trust me, they look a heck of a lot better than a deck full of cigarette butts.

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Golfers may enjoy putting to cups with sagging edges – which tend to play a touch wider than the standard 4¼” – but poorly carved holes can send the wrong message about your course. Maybe it’s time to retire the worn-out blades on your hole cutters in favor of Bayco Golf’s super-sharp replacements.

We offer replacement blades in both inside and outside cut models to meet your specific needs. (Inside cut blades work best in sandy soil, while outside cut versions are ideal for compacted, clay-based foundations.) The blades are available with straight and scalloped edges, and they’ll work on either lever or foot-extraction cutters.

Built from heat-treated steel alloy, our blades are lightweight and durable. They’ll not only give you the cleanest cups in the neighborhood, they’ll hold an edge far into the future.

Better yet, our replacement blades will fit many hole cutters made by other manufacturers. Give us a call at (877) 668-GOLF or ask your Bayco Golf rep if we’ve got a suitable blade for your current cutters.

Of course, Bayco Golf’s got a full line of hole cutters and accessories, including aluminum and plastic cutting guides, curved trimming scissors, cup setters, pullers and covers. And if you’re serious about perfect punches, we offer the top-of-the-line RHINO hole cutter, too.

As much as golfers may appreciate a forgiving, soft-edged cup, what they really want is a sharp-looking golf course. Any way you slice it, Bayco Golf’s replacement blades are a cut above.

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Some choices are as simple as black or white – like investing in Bayco Golf’s amazing E-Z Stake retractable rope system, now available in those very colors.

Golf Course Staking SolutionAlong with the original white E-Z Stake model, we’ve added a new version featuring a black housing compartment. The choice is yours based on the aesthetics of course and clubhouse.

We can also produce E-Z Stake in a range of custom colors. Just drop us a line at or call (877) 668-GOLF (4653) to discuss volume and available options.

Not familiar with E-Z Stake? It’s only the most convenient, easy-to-use roping system on the market.

E-Z Stake eliminates the hassles of the old-school rope-and-stake method – the tangles, the uneven lengths, the cumbersome knot tying (and untying) – with a spool of retractable rope attached to each stake. Just give the rope a light tug and pull it to the next stake over, hook the two together and bingo, a ready-made barrier. Reverse the order to take the stakes down; the rope reels right back into its compartment, smooth as silk.

Use E-Z Stake to seal off ground under repair, environmentally sensitive areas, drainage grates, walkways, outdoor seating sections and more. We’ve found it can shave up to 50 percent off the time you’d spend on the same task using the conventional roping method. And the bigger the job, the more time you’ll save.

You really need to see the E-Z Stake system in action to appreciate its features and benefits. Good thing we made this video demonstrating its remarkable efficiency:

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Color Flex StakeIt’s easy to assign blame for golf’s slow play epidemic. Fingers are often pointed at the pros (for setting a snail’s-pace example), the length and difficulty of modern courses, and poor etiquette among golfers themselves. Another contributing factor can be – quite literally – hidden from scrutiny: A lack of easily visible yardage markers.

Fortunately, this problem is incredibly simple to solve. All you need are 1) Bayco Golf’s Color Flex Stakes system; 2) Our handy-dandy installation kit; and 3) An hour or so to outfit 18 holes.

No longer will your golfers spend precious time stumbling around fairways in search of sprinkler heads or imbedded stone markers. Color Flex Stakes stand out like a beacon at 100 (red), 150 (white), 200 (blue) and 250 (yellow) yards, so they’re visible even from the deepest, darkest woods. A quick survey reveals the nearest stake, a few steps (or a guesstimate) determines the distance and bang, the ball is airborne faster than you can say, “What’s my yardage?”

Golfers aren’t the only ones who will save time and effort. As the name implies, Color Flex Stakes are highly flexible and built to withstand reel or center console mowing in any direction, so there’s no need to remove them for fairway grooming. They bounce right back after getting run over by tires, too.

Setting up the stakes is equally hassle-free with our new installation kit. It includes an 18” ship auger bit for your drill, a 15” PVC tube and a rubber mallet. You can have all 18 holes done in an hour, if you hustle.

Getting golfers to show similar urgency, well, that’s another story. At least with Color Flex Stakes, there’ll be one less thing slowing them down.

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Most golf fans know that Jack Nicklaus was born, raised and learned to play the game in Ohio. But did you know that Ohio is home to more than 750 golf courses, ranking sixth among all U.S. states in that category? It’s true.

That’s just one reason Bayco Golf is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Green Velvet Sod Farms of Bellbrook, Ohio. The company will distribute the full range of Bayco golf course products and accessories throughout the Buckeye State.

You might say we’ve put down deeper roots in the Great Midwest.

Founded in 1959 by Ray and Mary Tischer, Green Velvet has grown from a 4-acre mom-and-pop outfit to a 600-acre regional behemoth. It’s still a family-run operation, though: Ray and Mary handed the reins to son Randy and his wife, Beth, in 1987.

Green Velvet is one of just 49 PrimeraTurf members, a distinction that makes them price-competitive with large national distributors. Add 53 years of industry experience, ultra-efficient delivery and personal, on-the-ball customer service and you’ve got an unrivalled combo.

By partnering with Bayco Golf, Green Velvet can now offer golf facilities throughout Ohio a complete accessory line without the hassle of handling inventory – Bayco Golf takes care of all shipments. And we benefit by gaining direct access to a wealth of courses through a widely recognized and respected member of the Ohio golf community.

Above all, the partnership will help both companies fulfill our shared goal of delivering industry-leading products at unbeatable prices, backed by superior service.

For more information on Green Velvet Sod Farms, visit or contact Larry Coriell at (800) 342-0571.

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Golf rangefinders have become so popular, nearly every foursome has a couple of players carrying one. They’re incredibly handy devices, no doubt, but getting an accurate yardage to the flag can be dicey with some – especially older models.

Two things happen when a golfer stands in the fairway trying in vain to zero in on the pin. First, he gets frustrated. Second, he slows down play, causing everyone else to get frustrated along with him. In other words, things go from bad to worse.

There’s an easy way to prevent this little problem: Outfit your flagpoles with Bayco Golf’s Smarty Reflectors. They’re tiny, just 2” tall and ¾” wide, and screw right onto the top of the pole. In fact, the Smarty Reflector is barely noticeable at all – unless you’re looking through a rangefinder.

That’s when its five corner cube reflectors really shine. (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun.) Arranged for 360° reflectivity in all manner of light conditions, Smarty Reflectors are easily picked up by any brand or model of rangefinder.

Installing Smarty Reflectors on your flags is a simple, affordable way to help golfers get the most out of their newfangled gadgets. A golfer with precise, reliable yardage is a happy golfer indeed – and the quicker he can get it, the better for everyone.

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For all the technological wizardry on display in golf, there’s still a little room for simple, old-school equipment. Bayco Golf’s pin placement indicator balls are a prime example.

For the course whose carts don’t have GPS units, indicator balls are a great way to tell players exactly where each flag is located on the green. If the pin is in the center, the ball goes in the middle of the flagstick. If the pin is on the back third of the green, move the ball to the top third of the stick; do the opposite for a front-of-green placement.

Indicator balls allow for more precision than the classic color-coded flag system, especially if you’ve got extra-large greens. For instance, let’s say one green is 40 yards deep. A blue flag may tell the golfer the pin is in the back portion, but that leaves a lot of leeway. The indicator ball can be placed farther up the stick to show a pin near the back edge, or moved closer to the middle for a pin that’s just past center.

You know what they say: It’s a game of inches. Your golfers, especially the better ones, will appreciate the finely detailed info.

The placement balls are perfect for greens where the surface is hidden from the fairway, as on uphill holes, and greens with slopes that can fool the golfer’s eye. How many times have you played a shot thinking the pin was in the front, only to arrive at the green and find it 20 paces past your perfect approach?

Golf is frustrating enough without moments like those. Our pin placement indicator balls remove the guesswork and make the game a little less confounding.

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If your golf course is suffering under the relentless drought gripping much of the U.S. and parts of Canada, we at Bayco Golf extend our best wishes. Hopefully Mother Nature will send rain very, very soon.

We understand there are certain challenges that simply can’t be overcome without help from above. There are smaller problems, though, which are simple enough to solve with the right tools. One of these is the most basic of all golf course maintenance tasks: cutting holes in the greens.

Baked-out greens can get incredibly hard – so hard that cutting holes with an old, dull device becomes a real chore. There’s no need to struggle with a worn-out cutter and risk mangling your greens when you could use the RHINO Hole Cutter instead.

The RHINO’s sharpened and reinforced twin blades slice easily through the toughest turf. In fact, it was designed and engineered specifically for that purpose. You’ll get precisely edged cups with less effort and – crucially – no damage to your greens. You can also order replacement blades, ensuring you’ll always have a super-sharp set at the ready.

Bayco Golf offers a variety of hole-cutting accessories, too, including cup pullers and hooks for easy removal, plus aluminum hole covers to keep top dressing out of your cups or cover extra holes if you cut more than one at the same time.

Here’s hoping the drought lets up soon, bringing much-needed relief to your course and, most importantly, you and your crew. You’ve no doubt earned it by now.

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