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A Sure-Fire Solution to Cigarette Litter

Smoking may be verboten inside the clubhouse, but anything goes outside those doors. Since smokers have been known, on occasion, to stamp out their cigarettes and leave the butts lying where they fall, that means litter on your lawn, patio, and other high-traffic areas.

Even smokers would agree that scattered cigarette nubs and hunks of half-chewed cigars are unsightly and unbecoming of a first-class establishment. What’s worse, the tiny cinders can create a fire hazard, especially when the weather is dry and windy.

Ashtray for Golf CoursesAs usual, Bayco Golf’s got the perfect solution: the Portable Cease-Fire Receptacle.

Basically, it’s a self-extinguishing outdoor ashtray with a 4-gallon bin. Made specifically for cigarettes from sturdy, flame-retardant plastic, the receptacle won’t dent or crack, and it certainly won’t rust. Neither rain nor large pieces of trash – bottles or cans, for example – can slip through its small, covered opening.

When the Cease-Fire Receptacle is full, just remove the lid and dump out the galvanized steel bin. You can also order disposable liners to fit inside. Oh, and don’t worry about flying ashes and butts when nasty weather sets in – tie-down notches make the Cease-Fire Receptacle stable and secure. It’s also easy to move from one spot to another as needed.

We’ve got Cease-Fire Receptacles in adobe beige and pewter grey, so they blend nicely with most exterior clubhouse environments. Trust me, they look a heck of a lot better than a deck full of cigarette butts.

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