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Color Flex Stakes Save Golfers’ Time, and Yours

Color Flex StakeIt’s easy to assign blame for golf’s slow play epidemic. Fingers are often pointed at the pros (for setting a snail’s-pace example), the length and difficulty of modern courses, and poor etiquette among golfers themselves. Another contributing factor can be – quite literally – hidden from scrutiny: A lack of easily visible yardage markers.

Fortunately, this problem is incredibly simple to solve. All you need are 1) Bayco Golf’s Color Flex Stakes system; 2) Our handy-dandy installation kit; and 3) An hour or so to outfit 18 holes.

No longer will your golfers spend precious time stumbling around fairways in search of sprinkler heads or imbedded stone markers. Color Flex Stakes stand out like a beacon at 100 (red), 150 (white), 200 (blue) and 250 (yellow) yards, so they’re visible even from the deepest, darkest woods. A quick survey reveals the nearest stake, a few steps (or a guesstimate) determines the distance and bang, the ball is airborne faster than you can say, “What’s my yardage?”

Golfers aren’t the only ones who will save time and effort. As the name implies, Color Flex Stakes are highly flexible and built to withstand reel or center console mowing in any direction, so there’s no need to remove them for fairway grooming. They bounce right back after getting run over by tires, too.

Setting up the stakes is equally hassle-free with our new installation kit. It includes an 18” ship auger bit for your drill, a 15” PVC tube and a rubber mallet. You can have all 18 holes done in an hour, if you hustle.

Getting golfers to show similar urgency, well, that’s another story. At least with Color Flex Stakes, there’ll be one less thing slowing them down.

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