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Defend the Flag: Security Nut Puts Screws to Thieves

You’d have to be nuts to leave your flags unprotected.

If you’ve never had golf flags pilfered from their sticks, consider yourself lucky. It’s not just the work of vandals or bored teenagers, either. Golfers, those paragons of law and order, have been known to take a trophy after a tournament victory, hole-in-one or lesser accomplishment – their first par, for example, or a random chip-in.

Lock Nut for Golf Course FlagNow, before you go posting armed guards on every green, consider an easier (and cheaper) solution: Bayco Golf’s Flag Security Nut.

Simply screw the nut onto the threaded bushing of any regular flag pole, tighten it down and presto – a theft-proof flag. (Fact is, few thieves want a flag badly enough to bring a wrench for the job.) The Flag Security Nut is super-thin, so you can fit an acorn nut on top of it for added protection.

Of course, burglars aren’t the only threat to your flags. Left unsecured, flags can blow away in high winds or fall off when the stick is removed. That means all the flags on your golf course – not just those coveted by bandits, like the par 3s or the 18th hole – are vulnerable. Bayco Golf’s Flag Security Nuts are sold in packages of nine to cover a full course with a couple of bags.

You might wonder why Bayco Golf would bother offering such a tiny, unassuming item. Let’s just say we’re nuts about flag security.

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