At Bayco Golf, our commitment to our customers is deeply rooted into everything that we do.  From sourcing to creating new products — status quo is no longer the benchmark. We aim higher, reach farther — all to give our customers and their customers the best products and the best buying experience possible.

We value innovation and new perspectives — that is why we are proud to welcome two new members to the Bayco Team.

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Sometimes, a clean-up job is too big for a single litter-picker-upper to handle. We’ve all seen the aftermath of the outdoor wedding reception that carried into the wee small hours, or the post-tournament shindig that left cans and scorecards scattered all about.

Such occasions call for a primary trash grabber, like Bayco Golf’s EZ REACHER, plus an auxiliary tool – our single-prong litter picker, for example. Now you get both for the price of one when you purchase a 32” or 40” EZ REACHER and receive the litter picker free. That’s an $11.95 value which will save you time and effort, too.

The offer is good as long as supplies of the litter picker last. They’re going pretty quickly, so you’d be wise to take advantage ASAP.

If you’re late to the party, here’s the skinny on the EZ REACHER. Its 4.5” jaws can clamp down on items as tiny and light as a coin, or as wide and heavy as a 6-pound brick. In other words, pretty much anything your guests leave behind. The EZ REACHER does a fine job of picking up on the golf course, too. You can even use it while buzzing around in a cart or maintenance vehicle, no stopping required.

The single-prong litter picker is even simpler. As the name implies, it’s basically a metal shaft with a sharp-tipped prong at the end, perfect for stabbing paper, plastic, cans and similar objects. With a rubber grip and a loop to wrap around your wrist, you can wield it while walking (or riding) at full speed without worrying about dropping it on your foot.

Every facility needs an EZ REACHER, and it never hurts to have a second tool for reinforcement. Why not get both for the price of one?

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“Retraction” may be a dirty word in the news business, but it’s music to the ears of anyone who’s used Bayco Golf’s E-Z Stake rope system — especially if they switched from the cumbersome old rope-and-stake method.

E-Z Stake is a patent-pending product featuring a compact rope compartment attached to each stake. Pull the rope through a loop and extend it to the next stake, hook them together and voila, you’ve set up a barrier in no time flat. Removal is just as simple because the rope is — that’s right — retractable. Unhook it and it feeds back into the compartment, clean, smooth and hassle-free.

No more tangled twine, uneven lengths or aggravating, time-consuming knots. Using E-Z Stake to rope off ground under repair, sensitive environmental areas, walkways or outdoor seating can cut up to 50 percent off the time the same job would take with the traditional method. The bigger the job, the more time you save.

E-Z Stake even lets you span long stretches – as much as 50 feet — by hooking two rope ends together. No need to search for a single strand to cover the distance or tie multiple pieces into one. Plus, the actual stakes require nothing more than a light push or pull of the foot to get into and out of the ground.

Fairs, festivals, sporting events, trade shows, wedding receptions, corporate or family get-togethers, muddy patches – whatever the case or occasion, E-Z Stake is the best roping tool on the market.

Bayco proudly stands by that statement – no retraction necessary.

Watch E-Z Stake in action here:

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It’s as true in golf as it is on the singles scene: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. You’re all gussied up, sporting your best outfit and a splash of good cologne. You spy an attractive prospect and introduce yourself with a big smile… and a piece of Buffalo chicken skin stuck between your teeth.

A solitary piece of trash or a few remnants of construction debris can have the same impact on your golf course, especially an upscale or private facility. Why spend so much time primping and pruning every last blade of grass, only to miss a minor but potentially deal-breaking detail?

That’s why Bayco Golf’s EZ Reacher is such a handy tool to have around. Think of it as the golf maintenance pro’s equivalent to the single guy’s (or gal’s) toothpick. Wield it as needed and you’ll greatly improve your odds of impressing.

The EZ Reacher comes in 32” and 40” models, perfect for picking up objects as small and light as a dime, or as big and bulky as a 6-pound brick. It’s got a durable plastic grip that’s large enough for easy operation with gloves, a strong, lightweight aluminum shaft and a 4.5” jaw for clamping bottles, cans and similar junk.

Carry the EZ Reacher around the course on a mower or golf cart and snag rubbish without even stopping. Cover the clubhouse grounds and dispose of unsightly litter in no time flat. It’s the golf course accessory preferred by perfectionists.

Especially those who like to wear their best face at all times, just in case an unattached golfer comes along.

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Injuries on the golf course are, unfortunately, all but inevitable. A wayward shot will occasionally strike a golfer on an adjacent fairway. Someone will get careless with a cart. As a course operator, you just hope players have the presence of mind to yell “Fore!” when a drive goes awry, and to exercise a little common sense when driving.

There is one rare but dangerous on-course hazard that can be avoided through basic precautions: contaminated drinking water. You may have noticed several high-profile cases of golfers falling ill in recent years, with health officials identifying the culprit as tainted water in the coolers stationed along the course. In fact, one follow-up inspection found that 65 percent of courses studied employed inadequate water handling practices.

It’s not that surprising, given the hassle of washing containers every day. But there’s no excuse for providing potentially bacteria-ridden water to your customers – and that’s why Bayco Golf offers Water Guardian sanitary sealed liners for use in our Igloo coolers.

Using disposable Water Guardian liners is a snap. Just place the liner inside a regular, 5-gallon cooler or 10-gallon cooler, hook up the internal spigot to the valve (sold separately), fill it up and tie it off. At day’s end, just pull out the used liner and discard.

Of course, you can put other liquids inside the Water Guardian, hot or cold. And you can scratch “contaminated water” off the list of potential hazards golfers face on your course.

If only you could teach them to duck…

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Spray-painting lines along water hazards or out-of-bounds areas may seem like a waste of time, considering some paints wear away quickly. Or maybe you’re concerned about damaging the grass. Try Bayco Golf’s Rust-Oleum Industrial Choice Precision Line Marking Paint. It’s ultra-bright, long-lasting and — best of all — it won’t burn your precious turf.

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A golf course with abundant water in the form of ponds, streams and wetlands can be hazardous to one’s score. But a scarcity of water – the drinking kind – is much worse. It’s hazardous to a golfer’s health.

You’ve no doubt heard that a person should drink an average of 64 ounces of water per day to stay properly hydrated. Some experts recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day. By that measure, a 200-pound male would require 100 ounces of water.

It’s safe to say that during a normal round of golf, you should consume 40-50% of your daily dosage – anywhere from 26 to 50 ounces for our 200-pound specimen. And that doesn’t account for sweltering summer heat or the sweat-producing effects of walking vs. riding, which can dehydrate a golfer in a hurry.

Long story short: Providing your players with plenty of liquid refreshment is more than a nice convenience. It’s the right thing to do.

Bayco Golf offers Igloo water coolers – the industry standard since, oh, forever – in both 5- and 10-gallon versions. They’re extremely well insulated, so the contents stay cold even on the hottest days, and durable enough to withstand inclement weather and general beatings while being carted from tee to clubhouse. (We’ve also heard tales of angry, driver-wielding golfers taking out their frustrations on innocent Igloos. Sad but true.)

Attachable dispensers are available in stainless steel and plastic, holding enough 4-ounce Solo cups to slake the masses. And knowing the kind of abuse these babies take (see above), we offer replacement spigots as well, so you won’t have to buy a whole new cooler if this important little part gets damaged.

Frankly, your golfers should expect to have plenty of fresh, clean drinking water available on the course. With Bayco Golf’s Igloo coolers around, they won’t have to resort to slurping from the nearest hazard.

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You’re no doubt familiar with Rust-Oleum, the world’s first (and still leading) rust-preventative paint. But did you know that Rust-Oleum shares golf’s Scottish roots? It’s true. The paint was invented by a sea captain from Scotland who accidentally discovered that raw fish oil halted the spread of corrosion on his metal decks.

That was nearly 100 years ago, and it’s doubtful our sailor — Scotch blood or not — ever envisioned his creation being used on the lush grounds of a golf course. Don’t worry, rust isn’t the newest threat to your precious tees and greens. It turns out that Rust-Oleum is the best paint for marking lines around hazards, boundaries, environmental areas and other places where golfers must literally know where they stand.

My previous post outlined the various on-course uses for Bayco Golf’s Rust-Oleum Industrial Choice Precision Line Marking Paint, like delineating water hazards and ground under repair. While the cans come equipped with a precision-line spray tip for clean, simple spraying, we carry a couple of accessories that make the job even easier.

First is the Marking Wand, a gadget into which you insert a can of paint, apply a little pressure to the trigger and roll out your line. Voila, a neatly marked-off area and no messy fingers.

Next is the Marking Pistol, which is pretty much what it sounds like. Again, just slide in your paint can, point and shoot. This is an especially handy tool for painting the insides of your cups, by the way.

It’s a long haul from our skipper’s rusty floors to the fairways of today. But I bet if that crusty old Scot were still around, he’d be thrilled to see his discovery being used on the links.

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It’s usually pretty obvious when a golfer has hit the ball into never-never land – the big splash is a dead giveaway. Other times, though, there’s a fine line between in and out, and making that line clearly visible is a big help to your players.

Spray-painting lines along water hazards or out-of-bounds areas may seem like a waste of time, considering some paints wear away quickly. Or maybe you’re concerned about damaging the grass. No worries with Bayco Golf’s Rust-Oleum Industrial Choice Precision Line Marking Paint. It’s ultra-bright, long-lasting and – best of all – it won’t burn your precious turf.

We stock all the primary colors needed for the golf course: White (for out of bounds, ground under repair and cup rims), Utility Yellow (regular water hazards) and Red (lateral water hazards). White also works well for tournament contests, like straightest drive. There’s also Blue and Alert Orange for day-to-day use around the clubhouse and grounds.

If you currently use stakes to mark hazards and OB, painting these boundaries is still a good idea. After all, stakes sometimes get broken or pulled up, leaving players guessing at the status of their ball. A bright white, yellow or red line takes the guesswork out of it. Plus, each can of Rust-Oleum Industrial Choice is equipped with a precision-line spray tip for clean, thin markings.

As a final benefit, the paint dries in less than five minutes – coincidentally, the exact amount of time the Rules of Golf allow players to search for a lost ball. Define your boundaries clearly and, once they’ve located the wayward pill, they’ll know within seconds exactly where they stand. For better or worse.

P.S. Bayco Golf’s Rust-Oleum products include marking gadgets that make the job even simpler. More on those in an upcoming post.

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Bayco Golf may operate in the leisure industry, but when it comes to providing great customer service, we’re anything but laid-back. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome new team member Gary Braden, an expert at operations and supply chain management who will push company efficiency to a whole new level.

Gary has done a bit of everything during a 20-year career in the retail, wholesale, manufacturing and government sectors. He’s taken on increased responsibility with each role, serving as a warehouse supervisor, customer service rep, sales associate, assistant buyer, buyer and sourcing manager. Gary’s experience has given him a vast knowledge base that Bayco Golf customers and vendors – both new and long-running – are sure to appreciate.

Here’s a little more background on Gary:

He was raised in Portage la Prairie and moved to Winnipeg after graduating high school. He continued his education while working, earning the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation in 2009 through the Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC). Gary went on to gain the Certified in Management (CIM) designation through the University of Manitoba and Canadian Institute of Management (CIM) in 2010.

Always looking to enhance his skills and professional credentials, Gary has participated in numerous seminars and webinars, networked within industry associations, volunteered for CIM events and served on the Manitoba Institute of PMAC Board of Directors.

Best of all, Gary is just as excited as we are about the opportunities he’ll find at Bayco Golf. He’s especially eager to work with the team in developing a more efficient supply chain so that inventory levels are always sufficient to meet demand.

In short, Gary’s a pro – and a great addition to the Bayco Golf family.

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