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RHINO Hole Cutter Slices Firm Greens with Ease

If your golf course is suffering under the relentless drought gripping much of the U.S. and parts of Canada, we at Bayco Golf extend our best wishes. Hopefully Mother Nature will send rain very, very soon.

We understand there are certain challenges that simply can’t be overcome without help from above. There are smaller problems, though, which are simple enough to solve with the right tools. One of these is the most basic of all golf course maintenance tasks: cutting holes in the greens.

Baked-out greens can get incredibly hard – so hard that cutting holes with an old, dull device becomes a real chore. There’s no need to struggle with a worn-out cutter and risk mangling your greens when you could use the RHINO Hole Cutter instead.

The RHINO’s sharpened and reinforced twin blades slice easily through the toughest turf. In fact, it was designed and engineered specifically for that purpose. You’ll get precisely edged cups with less effort and – crucially – no damage to your greens. You can also order replacement blades, ensuring you’ll always have a super-sharp set at the ready.

Bayco Golf offers a variety of hole-cutting accessories, too, including cup pullers and hooks for easy removal, plus aluminum hole covers to keep top dressing out of your cups or cover extra holes if you cut more than one at the same time.

Here’s hoping the drought lets up soon, bringing much-needed relief to your course and, most importantly, you and your crew. You’ve no doubt earned it by now.

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