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Sharpen Your Course with Bayco’s Replacement Hole Cutter Blades

Golfers may enjoy putting to cups with sagging edges – which tend to play a touch wider than the standard 4¼” – but poorly carved holes can send the wrong message about your course. Maybe it’s time to retire the worn-out blades on your hole cutters in favor of Bayco Golf’s super-sharp replacements.

We offer replacement blades in both inside and outside cut models to meet your specific needs. (Inside cut blades work best in sandy soil, while outside cut versions are ideal for compacted, clay-based foundations.) The blades are available with straight and scalloped edges, and they’ll work on either lever or foot-extraction cutters.

Built from heat-treated steel alloy, our blades are lightweight and durable. They’ll not only give you the cleanest cups in the neighborhood, they’ll hold an edge far into the future.

Better yet, our replacement blades will fit many hole cutters made by other manufacturers. Give us a call at (877) 668-GOLF or ask your Bayco Golf rep if we’ve got a suitable blade for your current cutters.

Of course, Bayco Golf’s got a full line of hole cutters and accessories, including aluminum and plastic cutting guides, curved trimming scissors, cup setters, pullers and covers. And if you’re serious about perfect punches, we offer the top-of-the-line RHINO hole cutter, too.

As much as golfers may appreciate a forgiving, soft-edged cup, what they really want is a sharp-looking golf course. Any way you slice it, Bayco Golf’s replacement blades are a cut above.

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