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Smarty Reflectors End Rangefinder Frustration

Golf rangefinders have become so popular, nearly every foursome has a couple of players carrying one. They’re incredibly handy devices, no doubt, but getting an accurate yardage to the flag can be dicey with some – especially older models.

Two things happen when a golfer stands in the fairway trying in vain to zero in on the pin. First, he gets frustrated. Second, he slows down play, causing everyone else to get frustrated along with him. In other words, things go from bad to worse.

There’s an easy way to prevent this little problem: Outfit your flagpoles with Bayco Golf’s Smarty Reflectors. They’re tiny, just 2” tall and ¾” wide, and screw right onto the top of the pole. In fact, the Smarty Reflector is barely noticeable at all – unless you’re looking through a rangefinder.

That’s when its five corner cube reflectors really shine. (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun.) Arranged for 360° reflectivity in all manner of light conditions, Smarty Reflectors are easily picked up by any brand or model of rangefinder.

Installing Smarty Reflectors on your flags is a simple, affordable way to help golfers get the most out of their newfangled gadgets. A golfer with precise, reliable yardage is a happy golfer indeed – and the quicker he can get it, the better for everyone.

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