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We’ve Raised the (E-Z) Stakes with New Color Option

Some choices are as simple as black or white – like investing in Bayco Golf’s amazing E-Z Stake retractable rope system, now available in those very colors.

Golf Course Staking SolutionAlong with the original white E-Z Stake model, we’ve added a new version featuring a black housing compartment. The choice is yours based on the aesthetics of course and clubhouse.

We can also produce E-Z Stake in a range of custom colors. Just drop us a line at contact@baycogolf.com or call (877) 668-GOLF (4653) to discuss volume and available options.

Not familiar with E-Z Stake? It’s only the most convenient, easy-to-use roping system on the market.

E-Z Stake eliminates the hassles of the old-school rope-and-stake method – the tangles, the uneven lengths, the cumbersome knot tying (and untying) – with a spool of retractable rope attached to each stake. Just give the rope a light tug and pull it to the next stake over, hook the two together and bingo, a ready-made barrier. Reverse the order to take the stakes down; the rope reels right back into its compartment, smooth as silk.

Use E-Z Stake to seal off ground under repair, environmentally sensitive areas, drainage grates, walkways, outdoor seating sections and more. We’ve found it can shave up to 50 percent off the time you’d spend on the same task using the conventional roping method. And the bigger the job, the more time you’ll save.

You really need to see the E-Z Stake system in action to appreciate its features and benefits. Good thing we made this video demonstrating its remarkable efficiency: http://www.baycogolf.com/video

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