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Get on course with Bayco!

Whether you are building a home practice greens or an 18 hole resort course, Bayco has you covered!

          Bayco Golf started out unlike the typical business. The founder, Alex Colonelo, came from a mechanical toolmaker background. He started working at a company called Bay Bronze Industries which manufactured fuel fittings and plumbing parts as well as bronze signs and plaques. His passion for golf and his experience in manufacturing inspired him to start a golf course accessories division within Bay Bronze in 1986 (renamed to Colon Industries at this time). In 1998, he bought off the golf division and named the company Bayco Golf Inc where he became a president. He retired in 2006 when OSC Seeds purchased Bayco Golf and a new general manager, Cal Surgenor, was appointed. Cal has guided the continuing growing process of Bayco for over 15 years.

          Bayco Golf has always strived to bring the best quality products to the golf course accessory market. With our knowledgeable team and many years of experience, you can remove all uncertainty with anything related to your course. We build meaningful relationships with clients that last a lifetime. We pride ourselves that almost all of our products are manufactured locally in North America. We are a forward thinking, market improving company that has set the bar for numerous products, including Dye Sublimated Custom Flags, Pro Hole Cups with Liner and Locking Ferrule, ColorFlex Distance Markers, the Mully Cup Lifter, our newly designed InstaFix Ball Mark Repair Tool, and so much more.

          The little train that could – did. We are one of the top manufacturers/suppliers in the world. We ship internationally in over 50 countries and our products are found on the most prestigious golf courses in the world. We design custom flags, markers, cup liners, plaques, signs and more! Our customers vary from a private individual who wants to build a small putting green in their back yard, to 36-hole resort golf courses around the world.

          If you are looking for a reliable and knowledgeable staff to help you with your golf course accessory needs, look no further! Call us today and we would be happy to help you!

Meet Our Managers

Our team is dedicated to providing the best customer service avalible, ensuring that you find the product you’re looking for from start to finish.

Andrew Hunt

General Manager

Andrew Hunt is the General Manager at Bayco Golf. He manages overall operations and is responsible for the effective and successful management of labor and productivity. He’s a big fan of golf, having played and worked at golf courses himself. With his experience, he knows all about the ins and outs of the golf business and its products. Plus, as a Golf Pro, he’s got a knack for helping others improve their game. And now, he’s also leading the charge on coming up with new ideas for Bayco Golf’s products, making sure they stay fresh and exciting for golfers everywhere. Simply put, Andrew lives and breathes golf, both on and off the course.

Shelley Drul

Customer Service Manager

Shelley Drul is the Customer Service Manager at Bayco Golf, responsible for managing most customer interactions and specializing in customizable products such as flags, signs, and decals. Since joining the company in 2004, she has forged strong bonds with both customers and distributors. Shelley is known for her friendly demeanor, easygoing nature, and resourcefulness, always ready to assist with any purchase or inquiry.