Bayco Guard for Rake Handles

– Made of Durable Vinyl
– Economical Solution for Repairs
– Easy to Install with Heat Gun


No more fiberglass slivers from your rake handles. An economical and easy way to re-new your rakes and protect splintered, cracked, faded, scratched, dirty fiberglass handles. Quickly applies with heat gun and will last for years. Available in three different colors and two different roll sizes (125″ ft or 250″ ft).


CAUTION! Bayco Guard is a Heat Sensitive Product. Exposure to Temperatures over 90F (32C) may cause the product to shrink prematurely.


Operating a Heat Gun for Shrink Tubbing:

Carefully follow all the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use of your heat gun.

Since heat gun temperatures vary widely, first test your heat gun by shrinking a small piece of shrinkable tubing over a sample product.

  1. Hold the heat gun about 4 inches (102mm) away from the tubing.
  2. Using a continuous circular motion, begin by aiming the heat at the center of the object. Direct the heat from the center outwards, towards the ends. (This will eliminate the possibility of trapping air and developing surface bulges.)
  3. Apply heat to all sides of the object for uniform conformity.

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Black, Green, Yellow