Plunger Style 700 Aluminum Ball Washer

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– Our Standard Aluminum Ball Washer
– Heavy Duty Polymer & Stainless Steel Material
– Made in North America


Bayco Golf ball washers are made of cast-in-mold alloy durable polymer and stainless steel internal components providing years of care-free service.

– Easy grip replaceable agitator knob.
– Flanged cover fastened to body with large stainless steel countersunk head screw. It does not seize and is easy to remove.
– Brush assembly firmly fastened underneath cover with stainless steel cap screws.

Powder coated color finish (glass hard) ensures durable and beautiful color for years.

Mounts to a 2″ pipe (sold separately)

Capacity: 6 imperial pints, 7.2 U.S. pints

Custom colors available by special order.

Ball Washer Maintenance:

Our Ball Washers will last for many years and will look great with proper maintenance. We recommend that you clean and rinse your Ball Washers once a month to remove any solution build up that may occur. Only Bayco Golf approved products should be used in the ball washers. Any other products could void your warranty. Please see the back of the catalogue for our full warranty coverage or click here. Pro Tip: Use our Dirtbuster Detergents to keep golf balls sparkling clean and leave no residue.

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Black, Copper Vein, Green, Red

SKU: #700 Category: Tags: , , , ,
SKU: #700 Category: Tags: , , , ,