Custom Plunger Style 770 Aluminum Ball Washer

– Custom Course Decal
– Heavy Duty Polymer & Stainless Steel Material
– Made In North America


Bayco Golf ball washers are made of cast-in-mold alloy durable polymer and stainless steel internal components providing years of care-free service. This ball washer model has the additional ability to display either your course logo, hole information or donor/sponsor details.

– Easy grip replaceable agitator knob.
– Flanged cover fastened to body with large stainless steel countersunk head screw. It does not seize and is easy to remove.
– Brush assembly firmly fastened underneath cover with stainless steel cap screws.

Powder coated color finish (glass hard) ensures durable and beautiful color for years.

Mounts to a 2″ pipe (sold separately)

Capacity: 6 imperial pints, 7.2 U.S. pints

Custom colors available by special order.

Minimum order of 9 for Red, Black, and Green, and 18 for Copper Vein. Please contact us for custom color minimums.


Ball Washer Maintenance:

Our Ball Washers will last for many years and will look great with proper maintenance. We recommend that you clean and rinse your Ball Washers once a month to remove any solution build up that may occur. Please see the back of the catalogue for our full warranty coverage or click here. Pro Tip: Use our Dirtbuster Detergents to keep golf balls sparkling clean and leave no residue.

Additional information

Weight 0.0000 kg
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Black, Copper Vein, Green, Red