Dew Whipping Pole

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– Made of Fiberglass
– Lightweight and Durable
– Two Piece Makes it Portable


Durable whipping pole for removing dew and other light debris from greens. The fiberglass tip slides inside the handle during storage and transportation and easily extends out for whipping. It has an 8′ handle and 8′ tapered fiberglass pole providing a long reach. Strong and lightweight.


How to Operate:

  1. Extend the internal whipping rod to the end to engage taper lock stop.
  2. Use on greens to remove dew and light debris.
  3. Upon completion, clean the whipping rod prior to retracting it back into the sleeve holder.

Additional information

Dew Whipping

Dew Whipping Pole, Replacement Rod Only

SKU: #280 Category: Tags: , , , ,
SKU: #280 Category: Tags: , , , ,